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"I saw Debz Shakti for a Quantum Transformation and had no idea what I was getting into. I didn't realize the transformation at the time, although she brought up many emotions, but after I left, and all the parts kept coming back to me...I cried several times, self-purging not by choice, and each time realizing what I needed to do going forward. This was such a subtle meeting with a huge impact! Two days later I listened to the recording that Debz made and took 14 pages worth of notes. I was dumbfounded at how much we covered and how much knowledge I had gained. I have been to numerous counselors, therapists and psychiatrists over the years for anything from depression to grief counselling and have NEVER received as much beneficial info as this. Debz channels energies that reach deep to the core to help resolve any past issues and she guides you with gentle ease toward future progress and success. I was so enamored with this whole experience that I subsequently scheduled both my fiance and my daughter to meet with her! Now I can't wait to hear how it went! I will also continue reading my notes and working toward my betterment at my own, newly aligned pace. I highly recommend her services to anyone who is ready to change their lives for the better for ever!"

~ Lonna D 


"Today I had the pleasure of taking my 85 year old friend to the Council of Light Center where she experienced a quantum transformation session with Debz Shakti. On the way home, my friend said, "I have no words to describe it." I often say the same thing when explaining these sessions to my friends because words cannot describe the beautiful feelings and sensations that take place when you are enveloped in conditional love, or Presence, while there. Whether you have "issues" or if you just want a fabulous relaxing experience, consider booking a session. It is as unique as you are. It will take you into a new awareness of yourself! "

~ Carole Jo  


 "Internal enlightenment through meditation and hypnosis."

–Amy R


"Debz "Lovely Soul" Shakti  shared guidance and love with me today in a phone session, and I am most grateful. I whole- heartedly recommend her healing services and urge you to be good to yourself in making your own appointment with her soon. Namaste! "

~ Stefanie K  


“I have known Debz for over 8 years, and she has helped me in so many ways. Through yoga, meditation practice, quantum lessons, and her general wisdom, I have been able to unlock potential in myself that I never would have found before.  

Being a physician, I have learned a great deal over the years about the human body. But there is so much more about how the mind and consciousness interact with the body that Debz has helped me to learn and apply - not only for myself, but for my own patients. I am so grateful for her!”
--Bryan Hughes, MD 


“The session I had with Debz Shakti was eye opening, and I had many knowing memories come up in that session. It’s like Debz knew me all my life my soul’s knowledge was revealed in a special way that made perfect sense to me. It was a feeling of gratitude having Debz read my energy, and  relay information from my spirit guides. I feel blessed to have had the time with her and look forward to interacting more and more with my spiritual teachers. Thank you Debz!!  I look forward to the next time we connect”.

-- Penny Koons 


"I recently had a reading with Debz, and I am so grateful for all of the information that came through and I feel so affirmed and inspired. The content was activational and I can feel myself changing on subtle levels, as she helped me feel and see a bigger picture of myself past, present, and future. She helped me articulate and clarify some things I’d been intuiting. Debz will say that what she channeled is actually different parts of myself communicating through her, but her ability to access and translate that material in a such a gentle and loving and informative way is priceless. I would highly recommend working with her if you feel prompted in any way.”

— Pamela Hawkins


"I didn't know what to expect in my first session with Debz. But her guidance soon put me at ease and it was on target and enlightening. Actually, it was pretty amazing, because her reference to a particular extraterrestrial species and their dimensional characteristics exactly matched what I had written about. And it was a confirmation that I was on the right track for my life's purpose and work. For star seeds, you will feel less alone and more purposeful after a session with Debz."

With gratitude,
- Alex Briody




“It’s only been a couple hours since My Channeling session with Debz, and I still can’t stop thinking about her beautiful heart, psychic accuracy and the guidance she gave my soul, for an hour and a half of her time. I am eternally grateful for Debz powerful gifts of channeling and the warmth and compassion she brought to every second of our time together. It is such an incredible feeling to finally be seen by another human being on so many spiritual levels and that is exactly how I felt when Debz and I had our session together. I 100 percent recommend her for anyone looking to discover their soul origins, their purpose in this lifetime and any/all questions you might have around your spiritual journey. I felt like I’ve known her for years. Thank you  Debz for being such an incredibly talented beautiful soul!”
- Serina Alexandra McCallum, AMFT


"Thank you SO much for the session, your insight and caring, and these additional resources <3 


I really love the forgiveness practice and plan on adding that into my daily rituals! I also would love to do the vision board class too. 


I just wanted to add that I feel so moved since our session and not even a day later I was actually contacted by a friend who ended up knowing THE PERFECT caregiver for Emery who practices Montessori learning with her own son...I was a bit mind blown how perfect it all worked out but then thanked the divine and the star teachers as this was one of the focuses of our session. Bless you for getting us through these times Emery and I are so lucky to have you in our lives. If you'd like to add this as a testimonial feel free to do so! So much shifted for us energetically and I cannot wait to continue to see the results of this session unfold as well as partake in future sessions!"

- Eliana


"I have worked with Debz Shakti for over two years in both private channeling

sessions and through her global interactive sessions. Debz is truly gifted with

inspiration from her guides. When I talk to Debz, I always come in feeling

ungrounded and unbalanced. When our sessions are done, I once again feel

grounded, balanced and full of high-energy vibrations. Thank you, Debz, for the work

you do and as well to your guides for speaking through you."

- Kerri Campbell


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