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In Lak'ech Telepathy Center

On June 21, 2016 at 3:30 pm (CET) humanity was given an historical message of peaceful extraterrestrial civilizations.

With this message began a new era of human history.

Humanity is beginning to become a part of the cosmic society that lives together in peace and harmony!  Starting on this day, the extraterrestrial civilizations offer every single person to get in touch with them.

Since then, a growing number of people in all parts of the world have been making contact with these peaceful extraterrestrial civilizations in the context of so-called "first contact" events.

Participants include people of all ages, including engineers, university professors, and people with a scientific background.

These events and wonderful individual first contacts with representatives of these peaceful extraterrestrial civilizations were overwhelming for the participants and remain unforgettable.

The contacts to these civilizations remain on an individual basis even after these events, at the request of the individual participants, and have since then been carried on very intensively and further developed.

In the framework of these one- or two-day events taking place in the global telepathy centers, participants are intensively prepared for this first contact and carefully accompanied and supervised by experienced telepaths.

There are already a large number of telepaths around the world, which have been in close contact with these civilizations for some years, not yet publicly known.  Contacts with extraterrestrial civilizations are made for the benefit of all people.

The time has now come when these extraterrestrial civilizations reach their hands and offer to all people to get in touch with them.  It is the time when humanity enters a new, wonderful age characterized by peace and harmony.  It is the time when mankind sets out to become part of the cosmic society!

When ancient (and current, practicing) Mayans met each other on forest trails they greeted each other with the phrase, "In Lak'ech," meaning, "I am another You."  Similar to the intention of the Yogi salutation of "Namaste," (the Light in me recognizes the Light in you), this greeting carries with it a deep energetic quality of bringing people together in equality and Oneness.  

Mayan lore states that they are the original Star Seeds, brought to Planet Earth from ancestors in the Pleiades system to help bring forth much wisdom and many benefits to all inhabitants over time.  It is said the original translation of Maya means "Star People."


Therefore, it seemed only fitting that when approached by the international group known as ECSRN (Extraterrestrial Civilizations Scientific Research Network) to participate in a global awakening and transformation known now as "The Event," Debz Shakti immediately offered to open one of many Telepathy Centers now manifesting across the globe, and to name it the In Lak'ech Telepathy Center.

What are these Centers for?  Here are a few key points:

Telepathy Centers:

  • support people in re-discovering and using telepathy as the universal form of communication.

  • support development of telepathic communication on consciousness level with all aspects of Creation.

  • support living in harmony and peace with all aspects of Creation.

  • address all humans of all ages and from any cultural background.

  • help to establish and deepen contacts with extraterrestrial civilizations for scientific and intercultural exchange at any level (scientists, press/media, and general population).

  • support as interface to extraterrestrial civilizations and impart knowledge related to them.

  • are based on the principle of “service to others.”

  • are for the benefit of all mankind.



Cosmic Society - The beginning of a new era

(from a statement by the Extraterrestrial Civilizations Scientific Research Network - ECSRN) 


With the announcement of the channeled "Message to Mankind"  (please click the blue link to read in full), the extraterrestrial civilizations' offer to get in contact with them is for all human inhabitants of Planet Earth.


For mankind it is the beginning of a new era, stepping into the cosmic society where all civilizations are living together in peace and harmony.


Mankind will learn a new principal of co-existence across large distances and cultures and is beginning the scientific and intercultural exchange with these civilizations.


Telepathic communication is intention-based and therefore it is not necessary to learn a new language. Telepathy is the universal form of communication for intercultural exchange across all lifeforms in the universe.


Telepathy supports living in peace and harmony with nature and helps to gain new knowledge in the area of free energy, for example.


The rediscovery and use of telepathy as the universal form of communication is essential for mankind on its journey into the cosmic society!


Therefore we support the creation and development of worldwide telepathy centers, helping to develop the telepathic abilities of each individual and to establish and deepen individual contacts with the extraterrestrial civilizations.

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