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Phone & SKYPE Sessions

Would you like a Quantum Life Transformation Session or consultation but are not local to the Kansas City area, or don't feel like driving to my office?  Time and Space do not separate us in this wonderful work!  Simply request a phone or SKYPE session when you make your appointment. 

Almost all the methods used in a physical setting can be

employed over the phone or internet.  


Be sure to wear comfortable clothing, use earbuds or

headphones connected to your phone or computer, and

make sure you are able to be in an undisturbed environment

for the duration of your session.  If you are using a cell phone,

laptop or tablet mobile device make sure the battery is

fully-powered or that you are plugged in to a power source.  

Also make sure you are in an area where you can

maintain a good and steady signal.  

It's as easy as that!  

Sessions held worldwide!
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