Debz Shakti

Debz Shakti lives a life of compassionate service, sharing the wisdom and gifts gleaned from lifetimes of study and practice.  As Founder of Quantum Life Transformations, she is pleased to offer assistance through these services/qualifications:

  • Quantum Hypnotherapist

    • 40+ years of intensive working experience!

    • Master-level Quantum Jump Facilitator

  • Highly-Gifted Channeler/Tel-Empath/Intuitive Counselor

    • Channeler/Human Partner of the Star Teachers​

  • Corporate Trainer/Team-Building Leader, Workshop and Symposium Presenter

  • Lifelong Contactee/Experiencer (Extra Terrestrial Intelligence/Extra-Dimensional) - Contact/UFO/Paranormal Experience Counselor

  • CE-5 Ambassador, National Coordinator and Local Group Leader

  • Paranormal and Metaphysical Phenomenon Liaison

  • Remote Viewing Instructor and Facilitator

  • Multi-Modality Energy Worker/Energy Alchemy

  • Initiated Kriya Yogini & Multi-Style Yoga Teacher

    • 50 years as a yoga teacher!

  • Life, Nutrition & Health Coach

  • Certified Personal Trainer

  • Master Organic Gardener 

  • Published Author 

  • Ordained Life Celebration Officiant (Reverend)

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