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Debz Shakti

Debz Shakti lives a life of compassionate service, sharing the wisdom and gifts gleaned from lifetimes of study and practice.  As Founder of Quantum Life Transformations, and a tireless researcher in the realm of Quantum Consciousness, she is pleased to offer assistance through these services/qualifications:

  • Quantum Hypnotherapist

    • Decades of intensive, professional Hypnotherapy experience!

    • Master-level Quantum Hypnosis, Express Regresh & Quantum Jump Facilitator

  • Highly-Gifted Channeler/Tel-Empath/Intuitive Counselor

    • Channeler/Human Partner of the Star Teachers & any other forms of Quantum Consciousness​

  • Corporate Trainer/Team-Building Leader, Workshop and Symposium Presenter

  • Film Producer

    • Alien Abduction: Answers​

  • Lifelong Contactee/Experiencer (Extra Terrestrial Intelligence/Extra-Dimensional) - Contact/UFO/Paranormal Experience Counselor

  • CE-5 Ambassador, Retreat Facilitator, National Coordinator and Local Group Leader

  • Paranormal and Metaphysical Phenomenon Liaison

  • Remote Viewing Instructor and Facilitator

  • Multi-Modality Energy Worker/Energy Alchemy

  • Initiated Kriya Yogini & Multi-Style Yoga, Breath Work and Meditation Teacher

    • Many decades serving others as a yoga teacher!

  • Life, Nutrition & Health Coach

  • Certified Personal Trainer

  • Master Organic Gardener 

  • Published Author 

    • Kickboxing for Women​

  • Ordained Life Celebration Officiant (Reverend)

Please click on the "Services" button below for detailed information!



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