4th Annual CE-5 Contact & Consciousness Training Retreat

September 25th - 28th in lovely Big Arborvitae, Wisconsin!


Join us for a 3 night CE-5 (Close Encounters of the 5th Kind -Human Initiated) Contact & Consciousness event with our highly- experienced team, many of whom trained with Dr. Steven Greer, led by Debz Shakti!  


Learn how to commune with our Star Friends to gain more personal insight, awakening and upgrades in an effort to save our species and our planet!  


Includes 3 nightly skywatches, CE-5 training, workshops, yoga, breath work, sound healing, quantum immersion experience (group Quantum Hypnosis) and more!


Private sleeping accommodations available at an extra cost.  We donate this event so EVERYONE can learn how to build a relationship with our Star Friends to change their lives and ultimately save the planet.  Donation is only $75 per person!





  Click here to see location, accommodations and to contact for registration!  

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Sacred Ayahuasca Ceremony Retreat

at a beautiful, forest retreat center in gorgeous Wisconsin -

October 21st - 23rd!

One Weekend - 2 evening Ceremonies + daytime classes to enhance your experience & your life:

  • Breathwork

  • Mantra

  • Gentle Yoga

  • Quantum Immersion Experience

Experience with some of the most highly-rated facilitators in the United States, beautiful log-cabin accommodations, super-nutritious and tasty food, and a heart-coherent, compassionate group!​


Click here for all the details and to register - only 3 spaces left for this one so don't miss out - go there NOW!!!

Alien Abduction: Answers is finally released!

Have you streamed it or purchase your own DVD copy yet?!!!

Rated 5 Stars on Amazon Prime, and 8/10 on IMDB and iTunes!


Follow the journey of a man who had a terrifying encounter as a child and lived a lie for 45 years. He discovers people all over the globe who have experienced something similar – and how they transformed! What will YOU do when you know the truth?

Along with special guest, esteemed author, radio and podcast host, Whitley Strieber, Debz Shakti's work as a Quantum Hypnotherapist with many childhood Experiencers, including filmmaker, John Yost himself is featured.

Be moved and uplifted by each person's story of shock, fear, curiosity and transformation!


Here is where you can currently find it:

Apple TV
Amazon Prime
Google Play
Vimeo on Demand
Kino Now

International release coming this Fall!
AMAZON.COM, TARGET, WALMART, REDBOX -- DVDs for Purchase on sale now!