Saturday, May 30  7:00 pm CST

Kansas City CE-5 Social Zoom Gathering!

Everyone's been asking for a time when our group can just get together informally to have a "virtual potluck" - where we can all just hang out, visit, get to know each other better and share our Contact stories and experiences. Let's do it!

Our Social Gathering begins at 7:00 pm CST (US) and can go on for however long we like - just like any other party - only this time, we will be meeting on Zoom.


Not a part of our group yet, but are curious or excited about getting together with the coolest CE-5 (Human-Initiated ET/Inter-Dimensional Contact) group on the planet?  Message debzShakti at: to find out more, and get details for signing on!

Come as you are, and have some snacks and fun topics of discussion ready! No topic is off-limits, other than heavy politics or anything that has a distinctly negative or judgmental vibe. Let's make this a fun gathering of mutual respect, sharing of fascinating ideas, laughter, camaraderie, and interesting things to ponder.

You've been waiting for this, so please join us and let's have a blast together, even when we physically have to stay apart!