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Exciting Upcoming Events are coming in March and beyond!  Stay tuned and come back here for all the details!

Alien Abduction: Answers is finally released!

Have you streamed it or purchase your own DVD copy yet?!!!

Rated 5 Stars on Amazon Prime, and 8/10 on IMDB and iTunes!


Follow the journey of a man who had a terrifying encounter as a child and lived a lie for 45 years. He discovers people all over the globe who have experienced something similar – and how they transformed! What will YOU do when you know the truth?

Along with special guest, esteemed author, radio and podcast host, Whitley Strieber, Debz Shakti's work as a Quantum Hypnotherapist with many childhood Experiencers, including filmmaker, John Yost himself is featured.

Be moved and uplifted by each person's story of shock, fear, curiosity and transformation!


Here is where you can currently find it:

Apple TV
Amazon Prime
Google Play
Vimeo on Demand
Kino Now

International release coming this Fall!
AMAZON.COM, TARGET, WALMART, REDBOX -- DVDs for Purchase on sale now!

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All Videos

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