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May 15, 7:30 pm CST


Human-Initiated ET Contact & Consciousness Event!

Join us for the very first In-Person gathering in over a year at beautiful Milo Farm, in rural Buckner, MO! 


Whether you are an avid  researcher of ET Contact, an Experiencer, aficionado of the "paranormal," or are just curious and want to learn how to have incredibly beneficial experiences with advanced, non-human intelligence, (NHI) this FREE event is for you!


Join life-long Experiencer, and CE-5/HICE Group Leader, Debz Shakti as she guides you through some deeply meditative, visionary and loving protocols, calling in and making real human-initiated contact with high-level, benevolent BEings from the Star Nations within and beyond our galaxy (and dimension). Even if you just love star-gazing and sky-watching, you will really enjoy being part of this unique group, sharing high-tech equipment, stories and experiences in a safe, private gathering where there is no judgement but plenty of awesome support!


Social Distancing will be observed.  Masks can be worn, or not, without anyone needing to worry about being confronted about their choices. 


Please let us know if you are for sure coming by no later than 5:00 PM on Saturday, and leave your house early so we can all meet up at 7:30 PM at the beautiful and sacred land of Milo Farm. Carpooling is a wonderful thing, and parking space is at a premium here, so be sure to post if you want to do so! We HIGHLY encourage you to carpool!


GPS will take you to approximately the place where you'll see the MILO FARM sign, then turn down the gravel lane to the end (past the iron gates) and you're there!  If the gates are closed, just wait a moment or two - someone will come open them for you - they are often closed to keep the animals from wandering!  Please take care and GO SLOW when driving on the gravel road portion of the journey, as it can be quite bumpy the last mile or two. 


Debz' phone number is 816-550-5490 - please text or call if you can't find your way!


What to bring:

* Lawn Chair, Quilt or other items to help you comfortably view the night sky – even in summer, it can get chilly (or downright COLD) after the sun goes down out in the deep , rural settings so bringing more for comfort is better than not having enough!

*Headlamp (red light helps conserve night vision, but white is fine, as long as it is not pointing at others)

* Weather and Temperature- Appropriate clothing (bring more layers than you think are necessary)

* Bug Repellant Wipes (during warm season)

* Water, Hot Drinks, Snacks

* Anything that you would like to use/share with the group to help

see the night sky.  

 #Night Vision Opticals


   #Binoculars, Monoculars

   #Low-Light-Efficient Cameras or Video Equipment

   #Apps for Tracking Satellites, Air Traffic, Weather

   #Hand-held Radios, such as those currently being used by the Radio Contact Research Team

   #Tri-Field Meter


   #Lightning Strike Tracker

   #Any other Paranormal Activity Tracking Equipment

*Drums, Singing Bowls, Incense, Sage, Crystals and other sacred objects/tools to help us get into and stay in heart-expanded and a deep Theta state for making excellent Contact

* Your open mind and heart!


What NOT to bring:

* FEAR - please be sure you are ready to experience anything, including the landing of a craft, or physical/tel-empathic interaction with other-worldly BEings! Our Star Friends are very sensitive to humans' feeling states and will not approach if there is danger of someone's emotions being triggered in this way.

* Alcohol or drugs. Come open, clear and ready to have the full experience, unclouded by chemical substances.

* VERY YOUNG CHILDREN AND PETS – Please use your highest discernment when deciding whether your child is ready for such an outing.  They must be able to be very quiet for hours at a time, unafraid of the dark, weather/temperature extremes, insects, wildlife; or having unusual experiences.  Please make sure they understand all the implications of what Contact can be, and that they are not be a distraction to parents or participants.  Because we do our field work in sometimes rugged, outdoor settings, with often great temperature and weather changes, late into the night, these conditions are not real suitable for small kids. Though we adore all kids and animals, they can become very uncomfortable and disruptive of the deep meditative environment we try to maintain with the group.  We want everyone to have a wonderful experience, and some of our children are far more capable of having great Contact than some of our adults! So make your decisions wisely and if it doesn’t work out, take your child/children home and continue with them to make Contact from the sacred environment of your own home.

* Attachments to outcomes. Be open-minded about having the perfect experience for you, without trying to control how it happens.

*Competitive or negative attitude.  Come prepared to enjoy a lovely and respectful group energy. 




This short time we are gathered is not the place to bring the often heavy baggage of arguments/debates.  We are attempting to foster group heart coherency, as it is proven excellent Contact occurs when a group is in a coherent, loving state.  Subjects to leave at home include:




Conspiracy Theories

COVID-19, Vaccines, Masks and other Health Topics

The Military, Gun Control or other groups that utilize weapons or power against individuals/groups


This event is being held on the Sacred Land so graciously hosted and offered to our group by Loni and Michael at Milo Farm.  This beautiful space, which includes powerful vortices, serves as a campground, offers several Air B & B options, many Nature Trails, an animal sanctuary, art studio and more!  Please go to: to see all they have to offer!  Some of you may wish to spend the night or weekend there, and you won't regret reserving a spot or room for yourself! 


Although the owners of this space are not charging our group for the evening's use of the land for our Contact and Consciousness work, I am requesting that each person leave a love offering, if possible.  Every little bit helps to keep this amazing space growing and open for us to use again and again, if we choose!  Cash is welcome for the donation box, or you can make your offering here:


Reminder:  we are a "Leave No Trace" group, so please be very vigilant with your trash and belongings.  We want to make certain we leave this gorgeous place in as pristine a condition as when we arrived!


Can't wait to see all of you to co-create a lovely group experience! 

In Lak'ech (I am another you)!