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ET Contact/ CE-5 Facilitator Training

Are you being called to learn how to facilitate a Human-Initiated, CE-5 (Close Encounters of the 5th Kind) group event? Whether you are an avid UFOlogist, Contactee, or Experiencer of “High Strangeness,” and want to learn how to lead a group to initiate incredibly beneficial interactions with other-worldly Beings, this
FREE event is for you!

Join life-long Experiencer, CE-5 Group Leader, Contact Counselor/Quantum Hypnotherapist, and Associate Producer of the award-winning film, Alien Abduction: Answers, Debz Shakti as she guides you through some deeply meditative and heart-expanding processes, creating real human-initiated contact with highly-advanced, benevolent Beings from Star Nations within and beyond
our galaxy (and dimension).


In this workshop, you will learn proven protocols from sources such as Dr. Steven Greer, as well as ancient/future techniques handed down from many cultures to
activate your perceptive and deep, inner abilities to connect and communicate with ETs and countless forms of benevolent Consciousness.

Learn all you need to know to guide your group into deep heart coherence, a must in achieving these connections, as well as information on how to plan and create
your events, invite participants, coordinate logistics, choosing equipment, and how to format and stay on track with your event’s agenda. Lots of helpful tips will be provided, as learned from almost 50 years of personal Contact Group facilitation!

MILO FARM-Sacred Land
31605 E Burgess Rd
Workshop will be in the Peace Pavilion (end of drive) unless poor weather then we will hold it in the Big Barn Event Space.
Noon to approx 2:30pm

Love offerings welcome to cover Director and other expenses.

RSVP text to 816-699-7646 

Join us for our 6th Annual Contact Modalities Retreat!














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Join my FREE, new monthly group for Experiencers of all types of phenomena to share stories, build community and learn new ways to live a balanced, happy and purposeful life!  

Click here to request admission to this private, safe haven of exploration and fun!














2024 Feng Shui Vision Board Workshop!

Did you miss my annual online event?  No worries!

You can purchase the recording by emailing me at!


This workshop also serves as a powerful team-building exercise!  I have offered it to countless companies and community organizations over the decades with Rave Reviews! 

Message me at the above email or contact me at 816-550-5490 to discuss reserving this workshop or  my many, experiential group event options! 

In this Feng Shui Vision Board Workshop, you will be given a brief overview of the Ancient Chinese Art of Feng Shui - the science of placement of objects and ideas, literally directing energy to balance and harmonize the different life topics.  When these principles are applied to the Vision Board exercise, creating a world of balance, health and abundance is easy!  You will paste your own, pre-printed and cut photos and words (from internet, magazines, and other sources), small personal items, and other symbolic objects in an imaginative way to a specially formatted art board.  


​Prior to the fun creation of your Board, the group will be lead in a blissful Guided Journey, led by Debz Shakti, to assist in identifying what goals you wish to achieve, and what dreams you want to manifest.  You will then be free to express creatively using the Feng Shui Ba-Gua, (a visual grid of 9 major areas of life interest), plus your photos and chosen materials.

After we have fun creating together, you will be guided through a second, very powerful meditation, initiating the momentum of energy and consciousness in each individual to manifest what has been placed on the Vision Board.  You will be given directions on how to use an abbreviated version of this daily, as you gaze at your beautiful creation and move through whatever it takes to manifest with ease and joy.

Debz Shakti has been teaching this workshop (and using this powerful practice herself) for many decades, with fantastic results for everyone!  Allow Debz Shakti and your Highest Self to show the way to perfect Intentionality and Manifestation – create your best year, yet!

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