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What is Quantum Transformation?


As Quantum BE-ings we are so connected that our work begins when you decide you want to make the appointment!  As our souls begin to work out together what is needed energetically you can choose from the myriad of Healing and Self-Discovery techniques outlined on the "Services" page to decide what feels most comfortable and resonates best with you.  These can include, but are not limited to all types of Quantum Hypnotherapy, Regressions, Quantum Jump, Channeling/Intuitive Readings, Energy/Vibrational Healing, Shamanic Work, Nutritional/Fitness Coaching, Counselling and more!  If you are not sure, fear not!  Whatever work needs to be done is accomplished once the session begins and will be a perfect mix of techniques, whether you decide consciously on them or not.  Your soul decides what is needed and the work is ordered from there!


Attending your session via ZOOM, using a device of your choice, you will be invited to rest comfortably, using a headphone mic or earbuds, in a quiet place where you will not be disturbed so you can relax completely.  This will ensure your complete comfort, and great sound quality, as all sessions are recorded.  Once the session begins, you will be invited to get comfortable as we take a few moments to discuss why you are here, and what you'd like to accomplish.  You will receive your recording as an included service of the session in a day or two after completion!

Clients often comment afterward that they feel like they have also received a soothing massage.  This is because the energy movement and balancing through the chakras and human energy field literally helps to re-arrange and align everything, in your human BE-ing-ness.  Since this energy field is the template for your physical, mental and emotional bodies, they can’t help but feel affected positively, too!  Clients complete their session also having experienced a deep heart connection and feeling profoundly loved and loving.  


Please know that all information is completely confidential!  Because Debz Shakti enters a high-frequency state of consciousness to perform the session, her ego-personality completely steps out of the way, and she most often does not remember specifics of your session for herself.  However, any information can be retrieved easily upon your request at any time in the future!


Whether you book a ZOOM  or phone session, any of these tools can, and often are, utilized to craft the perfect experience for you.  Please be sure to wear comfortable clothing and avoid eating heavy food before your session.  Please try to abstain from alcoholic or highly caffeinated beverages, and recreational drugs before your session as well.


In your session, you will be given easy-to-use tools to do this work yourself, if you so choose, and the more you practice, the more powerful these tools (and YOU) become!


Most first sessions are best scheduled at 90 minutes to 2 hours as they usually require some extra talk work in the beginning (Quantum Hypnosis sessions are much more time-intensive - see below).  

 Gift certificates are also available if you are interested in giving someone a session.

Debz Shakti Energy & Vibrational Healing Session
Debz Shakti using Solfeggio Tuning Forks
Debz Shakti using Sacred Drum during Shamanic Healing work
Debz Shakti Channeling & Intuitive Counseling
Debz Shakti sacred smudging
Debz Shakti your Quantum Life Transformation Partner
Debz Shakti Crystal Vibration Energy Healing
Debz Shakti Vibrational & Sound Energy Therapy
Debz Shakti Energy Healing Session
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