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Energy Alchemy & Vibrational Healing

Everything in the "Divine Infini-verse" is made up of energy.  It's all the SAME energy, too, only vibrating at different rates of frequency, to create all that we experience.  When we feel imbalanced in our lives, whether it be health, financial, emotional, or even spiritual issues, it can make us feel "stuck" or "trapped."  

But as part of the unlimited and infinitely-connected nature of

this energetic existence we, as humans, have the ability to

work with these frequencies to bring forth amazing change,

healing, and growth.  


There are as many methods of Energy and Vibrational

Healing as there are people.  We will tap into what your

soul/consciousness feels is best for each circumstance.  

Some of the modalities that may be used are:

  • Usui and Karuna Reiki  

  • CoreStar Energy Healing  

  • Quantum Touch  

  • Shamanic/Curanderismo Healing

  • Crystal Therapy  

  • Aromatherapy      

  • Food As Medicine                  

  • Sound Therapy ~ Tuning Forks/ Drum/Singing Bowls

  • Celestial/Inter-Dimensional Energy Healing

In your session, you will be given easy-to-use tools

to do this work yourself, if you so choose, and the more

you practice, the more powerful these tools (and YOU) become!



Ready for your Quantum Energy and Vibrational Healing Session?
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