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PSI Consultations
Psychic, Channeling & Telepathic Services

Accessing the Universal Stream of Consciousness is second nature to Debz Shakti, a gifted and highly-accomplished Psychic, Telepath and Trance Channel.

Her most consistent and powerful assistance comes from an extremely high-level Group Entity, known as the Star Teachers.  However, whomever needs to come through for you, personally, will!

She believes, ultimately, that no matter what Guide, Teacher,  Ancestor or Transdimensional BEing you are connecting with when you ask questions, you are actually speaking with a higher frequency version of your own SELF, due to Quantum Entanglement and our infinite connection to All That Is.

No question is too difficult or off-limits, and so much information can be obtained in even seemingly-casual conversation!


Confidentiality is always assured, as in most cases, her awareness is focused on other things while linking up to and transmitting the information for clients and students during a session or group gathering.   

Her greatest joy is to teach others how to re-connect to these forgotten gifts for themselves.  So don't wait to get the answers to your questions or problems, schedule an appointment or attend an experiential workshop with her soon!

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