Additional Services



Debz Shakti offers many other services that range from every-day, normal, to

off-the-beaten-track paranormal!  And as an ordained Reverend, she is delighted to offer

custom- officiated Weddings, Life Celebrations and other meaningful ceremonies.


Want to become healthier and raise your own vibrational frequency with a cleaner

diet? Debz Shakti is happy to share her extensive knowledge of the benefits of a

Living, Whole Foods, Plant-based lifestyle.


Would you like to grow your own delicious and 

super-nutritious organic food?  Let  Debz Shakti show you the ropes!  A Master

Organic Gardener who grows and preserves about 80% of her personal yearly

food needs, she is a wealth of ideas and tried-and-true methods to help you along

your own path to wellness and vibrancy.


Energy clearing and blessing of homes, offices and other buildings is a specialty.

There is no space or situation big enough or strange enough to keep her

from assisting you in gaining a deep understanding of the connection between 

you and the situation, and in offering

perfect healing solutions.  Whether 

your child is scared to go back into

her playroom because of "ghosts" or

your house won't sell because there

is dissonant energy with potential 

buyers, there is always an answer in the

energy field of your home and your own BE-ing!



Shaman Energy Clearing for homes!
Drums and Crystals to help raise your vibration