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Quantum Transformations with Debz Shakti

Welcome!  It is no accident you have found your way to the "Shakti Universe," where I am happy to assist you in any of your life pursuits, healing, growth, or self-discovery, via the infinite and exciting realm of Quantum Consciousness.  It's YOUR TIME to explore and begin fully utilizing the unlimited potential of the YOUniverse by connecting with me now!  I can't wait to be of service to you!


​​Explore one of my many 

Quantum Consciousness Modalities that are right for you!

  • Quantum Hypnosis Sessions

  • Open and Star Teacher Channeling

  • Psychic Readings

  • ET/Paranormal Contact Counseling

  • Energy Alchemy 

  • Private Lessons

  • Many other Psi services!

Click here to schedule or purchase a gift!

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