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My greatest joy is helping to awaken you to your unlimited capabilities and infinite possibilities.  I am ready to assist you with your loftiest goals, utilizing highly-advanced PSY gifts, accurate Channeling, Quantum Hypnosis, Energy Alchemy, and more.
Let's work together, harnessing our collective Quantum Consciousness, toward ever-expanding awareness to manifest your ultimate life! 
Align now with a truly self-empowered, transformed YOU-niverse!

Debz Shakti ~ here to partner with you on your Transformational Journey

Check out the new teaser trailer for our long-awaited, upcoming movie, "Alien Abduction: Answers!"  

It features my Quantum Hypnotherapy work with many Experiencers, including the filmmaker himself, along with the very special guest appearance of world-renowed author, podcast host and ET Contact expert, Whitley Strieber!


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