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Contact Counseling - Extra Terrestrial & Extra Dimensional BEings

Understanding experiences with other-worldly life-forms can be really confusing, and is often alienating, due to the cultural stigma placed on such interactions.  Often, it is beneficial to be able to share your experiences and feelings with someone who has "been there" and can help you sort everything out in an accepting and loving manner!


Debz Shakti, a life-long Extra Terrestrial and Inter-Dimensional Contactee/Experiencer, is here to provide a safe, non-judgmental space to discuss whatever is on your mind.  She has had real, physical, as well as telepathic interaction with BEings who exist off-planet or who come from other dimensional frequencies since early childhood.  These experiences have, and continue to, inform and help her understand the true nature of all Life, to accumulate vast amounts of knowledge on many diverse subjects, and to be given many beneficial techniques to assist in her clients' healing and self-discovery.

                     WHAT CAN I EXPECT IN A SESSION?

Your Contact Counseling session is conducted in a safe and completely non-judgmental environment.  You will always find this experience is one of deep relaxation, support, comfort and, often, delight!  It will begin with time for you to share your experience and feelings.  Depending on these and many other variables unique to your encounter(s) you may find some of these interactive models helpful to your personal integration and positive development:

  • Understanding and eliminating fears through Quantum Hypnosis

  • Healing and releasing past emotional scars to become more open to positive connections

  • Integrating your experiences into a more positive, coherent life

  • Relaxation and Meditation techniques to enhance connection to deeper aspects of multi-dimensional life 

  • Cultivating personal gifts, such as telepathy, remote viewing, self-hypnosis, etc.

  • How to initiate positive and beneficial contact


The Infini-Verse is made up of unlimited variations of life forms.  Never be afraid to ask questions about Extra-Terrestrial Contact or

contact with other types of non-physical beings!   No question or experience is too "out there" to be addressed and understood.  


                                                 YOU ARE NOT ALONE! 













Want to have some fun with a like-minded group of people to make Human-Initiated ET Contact?  Ask about joining Debz Shakti's Kansas City Area Contact & Consciousness, CE-5 (Close Encounters of the 5th Kind) group!  

We meet monthly, usually on the Saturday evening closest to the New Moon, so we have the darkest view of the skies, the stars, planets and any ET craft!   We do this as a serious, field research team, serving as cosmic ambassadors, usually in a rural area with little city light or sound pollution.  Our gatherings are scientifically-based, using protocols developed and used in conjunction with CSETI,  "ET Let's Talk" and "People's Disclosure Movement" international communities.  Hundreds of other groups just like ours, meet at this time each month to amplify and extend goodwill communication to benevolent Star Nations involved in assisting Planet Earth and her inhabitants with the task of growing past our current state of violence, greed, lack and separatism into what they have termed, the New Human Era.

CE-5 is always FREE and can be done with our local, Kansas City Area group, or find a group close to your location by joining the Global CE-5 Community (linked below)!  Our experiences are often mind-blowing and life-changing, so join us!

Click on the buttons below to learn more, and to expand your connection with others who have had or are interested in these types of experiences:


Contact & Consiousness, CE-5/HICE

Close Encounters of the Fifth Kind

Human-Initiated ET Contact

Joim our Kansas City In Lak'ech Contact Research Team!

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