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Welcome to the Quantum Dojo!

Congratulations!  You have arrived at the perfect place and time to discover, explore, integrate and utilize the many "supernatural" gifts we all have within us.  If you are reading this, it is a signal from your Ultimate Self that it is time to get to work on developing your greater Psychic, Consciousness, Healing and Manifestation abilities!

What, exactly, is the Quantum Dojo?

In modern, Western culture, the term, "Dojo" usually refers to a training facility, or, school, for learning and practicing the martial arts.  Originally, this beautiful Japanese word held far deeper meaning, and indicated a very special space for advancing one's spiritual, as well as physical, mental and emotional development.  The most honored translation is, "Place of the Way." 

In the distant past of this highly diverse and exciting, lifetime, I once was an avid student, practitioner and teacher of many martial arts.  I was nationally ranked, wrote books and magazine articles about them, and was, for a time, celebrated as a top athlete and teacher.  My love of the martial arts went hand-in-hand with my love of yoga, as both, when practiced properly, can lead a person to many enlightening experiences.  The greatest thing I ever learned in martial arts was the Zen concept of "fighting without fighting."  I credit my many hours spent in dojos to the vast expansion of my understanding of the infinite nature of Life, and of my own, unlimited abilities!


Thus, when meditating on a choice of a name for my new, virtual teaching program, the true concept of "Dojo" really struck a beautiful chord in my heart!  For the name is a way of describing what I can offer to students wanting to tap into and expand their special capabilities via the limitless nature of the Quantum Field, where all information resides. 


Utilizing an interactive, group educational experience, I wish to  share what I know about the gifts I use with great joy and success every day, that we all possess as infinite and unlimited BE-ings.  Many of these might have been dormant, or not highly-developed within you up until now.   Let me help you unlock the amazing treasure trove of your abilities with every class!  I love teaching, and have found that by applying the amplified energy and intentions of interactive group coherency, learning and mastery for everyone is greatly accelerated!  

Become a Quantum Samurai!

Some of the subjects we will be exploring together include:

  • Connecting to Quantum Consciousness 

  • Pineal Gland (Third Eye) Activation

  • Quantum Telepathy (Tel-Empathy)

  • Quantum Channeling

  • Lucid Dreaming

  • Perceiving, Accessing & Interacting with Energy  


  • Quantum Yoga (Breathwork, Mantra & Mudra)

  • Developing Intuition

  • Quantum Remote Viewing

  • Automatic Writing/Art

  • Quantum Contact  - Communicating with ET, Interdimensional & Celestial Consciousness

  • Quantum Psychometry

  • Quantum Healing for Self & Others

  • Out of Body Experience (OBE)

  • Quantum Creation/Manifestation

Each month, we will deeply explore one of these subjects together during two, 2.5-hour, Zoom classes, which will include lots of interaction and practice with each other.  Because our student base is international, we will offer class times every other weekend, at varying times between Saturdays and Sundays, to allow for fair access to everyone.


Class topics are meant to build understanding from one to another, but will still be fun and highly-beneficial, if subjects are taken ala carte.  It is highly recommended, however, to take both classes of the chosen topic for the month, as the first is introductory, and the second will be more advanced.  They are very affordably priced at $15.00 US/class, or $25.00 US/monthly topic bundle.  


Each student will also receive full video recordings of each paid class for further study and practice.  You will also be invited to join our private Quantum Dojo FaceBook group.  Other resources will be provided as well. 


Can't attend some or all classes in person, but want the recording(s)?  The tuition price of $15/class, or $25/monthly topic bundle will be the same, either way!  

Money tight right now?  Here is a way to earn free classes!

As an incentive to attract more students, and thereby increasing the group coherence energy, I will offer a free month (2 classes) to anyone referring 2 paid students!  Make sure to tell your friends and family to mention you referred them in the notes section when they make their paid reservations!  


Are you ready to step into the Quantum Dojo and begin this exciting journey with me?  Simply click the button below and reserve your spot in class now!


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