You are an infinite, eternal and unlimited BE-ing, who has the full ability to place focus on any part of your existence to learn, release, heal and manifest.  Because everything in the "Divine Infini-verse" is intimately connected, and is happening all at once, all the time, forever, across all dimensions and realities, we need only visit that part of ourselves which holds the tools, experiences or techniques for change and success in the reality we are currently focusing upon.


With Quantum Hypnosis, we pair up with your Higher Self, the Sub-Conscious mind, and can move backward, forward or in

any dimensional direction through the human constructs of "time" and "space" to gather what you need to create more

happiness, success and vibrancy in the NOW.


Some of the things we can

work on with these techniques:

  • Releasing From Old, Negative Patterns

  • Increasing Focus and Learning Retention

  • Motivation to Succeed - Reach Goals

  • Releasing Addictions 

  • Forgiveness

  • Finding and Increasing Love

  • Personal healing

  • Smoking Cessation 

  • Balanced body/mind - 

  • ​Fat loss, Body Dismorphia, Food Addiction

More importantly, you can expect this work to help you with:

  • Making Lasting Positive Changes

  • Total Recall - Visiting Any Part of Your Existence!  In other words: 

      Accessing information about any one of your Quantum Life

      Realities, including those of other planets, species and dimensions!

For Specialized work concerning ET/Interdimensional/Paranormal Experiences, please go here for more information!


In your session, you will be given easy-to-use tools to do this work yourself, if you so choose, and the more you practice, the more powerful these tools (and YOU) become!  Your session will be recorded, so you can listen over and over, and gain more insight each time!



Quantum Hypnotherapy & Self Discovery

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