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Extraterrestrial Message to Mankind  June 21, 2016, 3:30pm (CEST)  

Beloved humans of this Earth, there will be questions when you raise your eyes towards the sky. You will be amazed and incredulous while watching the events beginning to unfold. But rest assured: We come in peace!


Beloved humans, for a vast amount of time, according to your calendar, we have been among you, watching and guiding you. You are a precious jewel within this universe, of priceless value and therefore desired by many. This desire has been to your detriment, influencing you and as a result, your beauty has been lost.


Now the time has come for you to awaken and reclaim this beauty. Time is coming to an end in which you were held captive in darkness, experiencing nothing else. The time of light, of recognition, has come. We will accompany you whole-heartedly in love and happiness, extending our helping hand whenever you reach for it.


We are many and we are proud, for it is a great honor to meet you. You, a wonderful, bright jewel, will realize who you are, how magnificent you are. We will assist you and accompany you as friends each step of the way.


Please understand, the universe is full of splendid beauty, full of loving entities wanting to meet you, be friends with you. The images you have in your mind of diverse higher beings will be exceeded and will surprise you. You will be astonished by the diversity of knowledge and culture, which will now become accessible to you. You will feel blessed when you encounter the friendliness of these creatures, who are natives of the entire universe.


It is an honor to be able to greet you as our new friends. We are also very curious to take the next steps with you.


Know that technology, as known to you, is greatly inhibiting when it comes to crossing long distances in space. You will be familiarized with something new, something you might consider a miracle. You will learn something new that will enhance the way you perceive the structure of the universe. You will learn something new, leading you to principals of co-existence across large distances, even cultures. You will become knowledgeable regarding the impact of mind over matter. You will be supplied with additional medicinal knowledge, for the benefit of all mankind.


It is mankind in its beauty to which we bow our heads in welcome, hoping that you will take our outstretched hands on this wonderful path leading to your awakening. It is the wish for peace and harmony uniting us all, regardless of distance. In each and every one of us there is a spark uniting us all. By this spark we are all alike. By this spark, if you like, we are all brothers and sisters. We may not look alike, being of different origins – this one spark does unite us.


We are so looking forward to greeting you as friends – numerous brothers and sisters from various regions of the cosmos. You will be supported and helped, if it is your wish. It is with deep respect for this uniting spark that leads us to escort you in peace.


So we are offering you to make contact with us. No haste is necessary. Every human will be met joyfully, whenever he is ready to take the first step. Mankind is now ready to cross the threshold to a new era. An era full of peace and harmony, which we want to pursue in happiness with mankind. With gratitude and anticipation Your brothers and sisters of The One.

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